Proxylist, weekly updated

Last update: 2006-05-08
Http non-anon (spill ip): 19
Http anon proxies: 395
Socks 4, 4a and 5: 2
Total proxies: 416
Tested with: AATools 5.50 and Proxy Checker 7.0
Env-checker used: this Proxyjudges
This URL:

This is a Proxylist with proxies that listen on a uncommon port (everything except 80, 1080, 3128 and 8080), sorted by port.
These non standard port proxies should be mainly used to bypass Internet Censorship.

Please note that even "anonymous" proxies are not 100% anonymous. If you want the best anonymity available today, try JAP or TOR .

http non-anon (spill ip)

http anon proxies

socks 4, 4a and 5